"The Supplier” shall mean KEITH HARPER – EVENT LIGHTING DESIGN, hereafter referred to as EVENT

“The Client” shall mean the person, corporation, charity, or company, named on the invoice, taking items on hire.

“The Contract” shall mean the signed contract between EVENT & The Client, or The Invoice, issued to the The Client

“The Items” Shall mean all the services and goods, supplied by EVENT   

“The Quote” Shall mean the quote supplied to The Client, prior to any invoice being raised.

“The Invoice” Shall mean the invoice submitted to The Client for payment.




1)     All services and goods supplied by EVENT are subject to these Terms of Business.

2)    If EVENT are unable to supply previously booked goods, our liability will be limited to offering a suitable alternative product, or refund.

3)   If EVENT are prevented from supplying previously booked goods by Force Majeure, including, but not limited to, war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, and acts of state or governmental action, the contract will be suspended until such time that the Force Majeure has passed.




When EVENT are engaged to “supply and install equipment only” with collection at a later date, the following clauses 4—13 shall apply:


4)    The hire period will be noted on The Quote and on The Invoice.

5)    Once an invoice has been raised, The Client cannot remove items, or reduce order quantities. The Client may increase quantities, or add more items.

6)    EVENT shall not be responsible for injury or damage, to persons or property, howsoever sustained, from items on hire.

7)    We will require a signature from The Client, or their designated signatory, once the items are delivered.

8)    The items remain the property of EVENT at all times.

9)    The Client shall ensure that all items provided by EVENT are fully protected from, and insured against, all risks.

10)   Please treat all hired items with respect, as The Client is responsible for any loss or damage to EVENT items while on hire, howsoever caused.

11)    Unless otherwise stated, our items are for indoor use only, Once installed, the equipment must not be moved, except by EVENT staff. 

12)   All service visits or damage relating to equipment which has been moved contrary to this condition, will be charged.

13)   While the equipment is on hire, any unsatisfactory working or breakdown should be notified by email as soon as possible.




14)   A minimum invoice value, ex transport, will apply as follows:

15)   £150 for venues within a 30 mile / 30 min drive from our premises.

16)   £250 for venues outside a 30 mile / 30 min drive from our premises.

17)   Mileage is charged at a flat rate of 60p per mile travelled.

18)   Any tolls, parking fees, and emission or congestion zone charges, will be factored in to the final transport cost.




19)   Unless a prior variance has been agreed in writing by both parties to The Invoice and/or The Contract, our standard payment terms of payment due on presentation of invoice will apply.


For invoices covering “supply and install equipment only” the following clauses 20—25 will apply:


20)   The Invoice/s shall be paid strictly in accordance with the terms of payment contained in these Terms of Business.

21)    25% of the quoted price to be paid as a non-refundable deposit. ( The Deposit Invoice ) to secure our goods and/or services.

22)   75% of the quoted price to be paid no later than 28 days prior to the event date stated on the quote ( The Balance Invoice )

23)   If The Contract is cancelled by The Client, the following cancellation fees will apply:

24)   Within 4 — 12 weeks of the event date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the balance will be charged.

25)   Within 4 weeks of the event date, the full balance will be charged.


For all invoices, the following will apply:


26)   Any discounts applied to an invoice will become void if the terms of payment are not adhered to.


EVENT reserve the right to use any video or still images taken during the period covered by The Invoice, for promotional use,

unless otherwise instructed in writing by The Client.


The agreement to which these terms shall apply, shall be construed in accordance with the Laws of England,

and the parties agree to accept the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.